Yes, this blog still exists

I am an awful blogger. I admit it. I’m sure for anyone to take you remotely serious you have to have actual entries, not just one in two months time. But frankly I’m not very interesting….yet. But it is getting closer to our big departure and if I could just sweet talk you in to sticking around until we get there I promise you I will be more fascinating. Pinky swear.

In the mean time small bits of excitement have happened. Such as what you ask? Well we received our travel itinerary. A quick stop at O’hare and off we go far far away to a place that has names (and general words alike) that make me giggle. Ahem….. I will have to get over that. But you say Dusseldorf and not giggle! But in all serious I’ve googled the place and it looks fantastic. We are really REALLY excited. But it also inspired a hushed moment of anticipation, excitement, and fear…..”So do we go through Chicago on the return fl….oh. right. There isn’t one.”



We also have our lodging accommodations set. We will be staying at the Altes Brauhaus….that’s “the brewery” for those that may not speak the native tongue. Basically it is very old, very beautiful, and I simply cannot wait. There is a gorgeous church nearby, and a wall perimeter around the village that was built in circa the 14th century. So, you know….amazingly cool. We will call it our home for the first month while we scour North Rhine-Westphalia in search of our own German home.

Altes Brauhaus


And excitement here at the home front as well. Sold our house in 2.5 weeks, not too shabby. Got a good deal there and thankful to not have to worry about two house payments. Just the thought makes me want to run screaming. We also have shipped HEMIna, aka the Charger. She shall arrive around the beginning of April to begin her new life on the Autobahn. (Slow ass boat, no?)

So February marks the last month in the States….and while every day I get more and more excited, I’m also already starting to miss what has been my home for just over four years now..the amazing friends I have made, the awesome storms…..Gah! I was hoping for one more season…

I’ll miss you OKC. but all roads point back to Tinker. Like it or not.