They came, they packed, we were on the floor. It’s always strange to see your belongings boxed up and hauled away by total strangers. Crated up and knowing your possessions will merely be riding the waves of a ship across the Atlantic….very strange. Nonetheless that’s exactly what happened.


And after a night or two on the floor, despite generous friends offering up their blankets and air mattress, we all voted to check-in to temporary lodging on base. Good grief. I had such fond memories of it and I can’t think of why for the life of me now. The “cozy” living space seems merely cramped when you add 2 small children and their toys to the mix. And naturally it has been cold outside which rendered the park across the street useless for much of the time.

But we made use of what we did still have and wore the kids out by having a blast with friends and family before the big farewell. Denny’s dad made the trip down and we had a blast feasting on our local favorites and shopping. We finished the weekend with a delicious family meal down at the ranch with the whole family. It was bittersweet watching as the boys played with their cousins, having the time of their life and knowing we would be taking them so far away from a family that loved their every move. It seems so strange to think that upon our return from Germany Dawson will be 9 and Grayson 5.

We also had a bon voyage dinner with our close friends. Again, it was hard to watch as Dawson played with two friends he has had literally almost his whole life. The ultimate trio was breaking up, all thanks to my itch to travel.


Too late to take it all back now. Bags are packed. We are ready to go, or at least as ready as we are going to get.

But I bid you farewell…. Tomorrow we have a plane to catch.



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