Well on Monday we officially moved into our new home. We hurried off early in the morning to meet the movers. Well, I did. D had to work and so it was all me and the boys to meet the team of Dutch movers. They were amazingly efficient and unloaded our unaccompanied baggage and household goods at the same time. By the time they left, we were all exhausted and surrounded by boxes. But I adore the house, we had minimal drama upon moving in, and I can’t wait for us to be settled.

So four things come to mind upon my initial impression….

1. Floor heat, where have you been all my life? No really! It may be 65 degrees and Spring but nothing beats getting out of the shower, putting your feet on a warm toasty floor and grabbing a towel off the heated rack. And it’s not just the bathroom. The whole house is just as kind to your feet. The thermostat throws me as it’s all in German and I’m still trying to figure it all out, but It can only get better!

2) How do I live without closets!? Clothing is one thing. But what do I do with my towels and bed linens? Another shrunk perhaps but I doubt one will fit downstairs but I may ask for them to try. Otherwise it is Rubbermaid for me!

3) We live on a cul de sac. Imagine a square with 4 houses. It is atrocious for parking BUT both neighbors on either side have kids just Little D’s age!! And since our cozy square is on the edge of town and literally no one comes around into our maze unless they live here, impromptu playgroups complete with riding bikes and scooters and cozy coupes all over in front is perfectly acceptable. Little D even asks to go play! And it is also equally acceptable for all the adults to chill out with lots of beers until it is entirely too late and you realize your child should have been to bed hours ago.

And finally…

4) Both neighbors are very nice, one couple is beyond. How so? They are swingers. Serious swingers. They are very friendly, very open, and have no issue whatsoever to hit on me (not little hints or innuendos, this is straight up) in front of my husband and his wife. She acted as if he had said “have a good day.” D downed his beer in attempt to not get off on the wrong foot. ….chirp chirp….

But aside from that hilarity, they are all very welcoming. (Ha! understatement!) Looks like we found a cozy, laid back, and always interesting cul de sac to live on.


One thought on “Home!

  1. So exciting!!! I am so glad there are little friends for Little D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You don’t know how happy that made me. I hope you have tons of fun!

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