Pannenkoeken in Thorn

Pancakes, they have always been a favorite of mine. And having been eating them for 30 years I was surprised today that until now I had no idea how versatile these babies were.

Today we went to breakfast in Thorn, NL, about a half hour drive from our village in Germany. There we met some friends at what boils down to a pancake house. It was small and cozy and on the most picturesque cobblestone city street I have come across. Only it was raining and Sunday making the place almost deserted.


Regardless, we were seated not on the quaint main floor but down down downstairs in the dungeon. Now stop all your negative thoughts now….this was no regular dungeon. Rather a room where kids could be cut free, parents could eat, and luckily no one else was around. It was fantastic. I ate a meal in peace. What a Mother’s Day treat!


The dungeon/fungeon was complete with giant Legos and a climbing gym. It kept the kids entertained as we feasted on our pannenkoeken, which is Dutch for pancakes. The menu was pages and pages of what types of pancakes or toppings you could have. It all sounded wonderful and the aroma was even better.


We decided to get 2 types and then to share, so he got savory with bacon and apple pannenkoeken and I went sweet with cherry and cinnamon pannenkoeken. They both were delicious, but I think the cherry topped out as my favorite.



So with that, we mark two months in Germany thus far. In some ways it seems like we have come a long way….now with driving being no big thing, our house is set, even traveled a bit. On the other hand, it seems like it has been ages since I have felt like I have fit in anywhere, or had BBQ, or heard country music….. But I think that may be some homesickness creeping in. But that’s another post entirely


2 thoughts on “Pannenkoeken in Thorn

  1. Happy Mother’s Day!!! Today is a far cry from where we were last year at this time. But great times for both of us. Love that you had a mother’s day breakfast in peace because a fungeon!! Looks like the boys had an awesome time and well pancakes just look yummy!!

  2. It’s a good thing there’s an entire ocean and most of a continent between me and those pancakes, or I’d be doing some *serious* damage to my low carb diet!!

    Happy Mother’s Day, honey!

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